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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” ― Helen Keller - IrrevocableFate

“…there is absolutely no better time than now to go uplift someone else – whether in offering a shoulder, a prayer, or simply just a smile. The passage of time has a way of showing us what truly matters. Do not forget the littlest things can make the largest impact – what you say and do today reflects on how others will remember you tomorrow. “ - LadyLincoln

"You may think you are a writer with small skills, but your words could change the world." - Manouilidis

"No one can write knowingly of the weather who walks bent over on wet days." – E.B. White - xlntwtch

“Laugh at life; or life will laugh at you!” - W-Lupus

"It's never too late to be who you were meant to be." ― George Elliot - PHarold

“Nature never repeats herself, and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another.” ― Elizabeth Cady Stanton - CelestialMemories

"Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old." ― Franz Kafka - AlwaysRainCheck

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway." ― Eleanor Roosevelt - amrgalal7

"You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood. What mood is that? Last-minute panic." ― Bill Watterson - GuinevereToGwen

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome." – Anne Bradstreet - a-fiery-boom

“There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it’s like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.” – Ernest Hemingway - DrippingWords


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Was reminded of an important personal truth to be thankful for in "Hagar the Horrible" cartoon today.
Hagar standing on a barren atoll in a storm, his ship sinking, calls out to God. "Is this what I deserve?"
God answers "No, I've gone easy on you!"


Eli Me by rlkirkland  

       Why I Am Not

Julia fall 2014 by rlkirkland 

Reading or Commenting on Your Work of Late

      Emma & Gabe 2014 by rlkirkland

I may become more active in a few years ...or so.

   A candle would do well, for nothing penetrates this desolate place. It is absent of any semblance of light.  Not a glow-worm or glint of star.  A dragon couldn’t warm this frigid earth I pace alone.  If even the pale shadow of a new moon would cast its visage through a rent in the dark pall of clouds, it would seem to set ablaze this barren blackness. Yet gazing wistfully ahead even that dismal apparition remains hidden, and so I dwell in darkness.  A wraith, deprived of rest for needed penance, wicked deeds abounding in life and now in death travail.

       It is black this sordid soul of man
       In his time - of light bereft
       To forward some unwholesome plan
       Or helpless victim’s fortune sift
       And naught but horrid passion fan

  I was offered hope, a desperate clutch at redemption to be found on this night alone, All Hallows Eve.  In my remote place of endless torment I was visited by the voice of one unseen.  Indeed, so gently come upon was I that not even a stir of airs betrayed it’s coming.  “Set your face and walk” it spoke, and so I did, following the low gentle tones that against all reason offered a chance at salvation.  From the inky black place of sightless wandering with no company but my own evil memories; I followed it.  “Light will come in degrees, and you must follow that tiny glimmer from the husk that remains of your heart to the place it leads.  All will be answered there - for good or ill.”  The voice, its last echoes fading from my hearing, ceased with this last cryptic utterance.  

       The hope of light-
       It cannot be
       Yet from this dark
       I would be free

   My heart, my heart!  That thing that lay so long dormant. I doubted its function while walking in light - its beat within my chest.  The cold emptiness borne now by this wretched spirit belayed its existence.  Yet walk the voice had bid and walk I did.  Time unmeasured, my steps repeated, the rise and fall that I hoped would be the foil of my doom.  How many days of mortal men had I paced?  In such a place as my abode, a day seemed as a thousand.  Hope flagged, despair refreshed, it seemed a cruel hoax to heighten my pain. Crushed and forlorn at this thought I stopped.  

  What! Not light surely, but the brooding blackness seemed paler ahead. Stepping again I hastened, straining to see. In the distance there was emerging a faint orange glow.  Running now, I approached. There appeared a decrepit building, far from any other habitation.  It was in a sorry state of decay and disrepair, its hollow and broken form lit by a grimly carved jack-o-lantern sitting on a crooked sill; its wicked toothy grin, framed by shards of glass in a broken window.

    Light, grotesque as it was, now cast its eerie glow upon a feral path etching its way past the lonely isolation of this wretched abode.  Hefting the prize to my bosom like a long parted lover I move again, the glow of my newfound benefactor guiding my every step.

       Dispelling darkness, one candle’s glow
       Will ring of hope and guidance throw

    From the cold hollow of my ethereal form there began, as the faintest of stirrings, a sensation foreign to my experience. A stirring of emotion, something neglected and long forgotten. As it did, the landscape seemed to take shape around me, deeply shadowed and dimly perceived, like the onset of early dawn after a thickly clouded night.  Air that once surrounded me as a heavy and lifeless blanket was beginning to ebb and flow.  Carried upon it were scents of drying grasses, decaying leaves and over-ripe apples dropped to the earth. It was late Fall for the living.  Day was dawning, somber and drear, yet day indeed.  

    My path lay clearly drawn now, yet I was loath to part with my carven guide lest darkness descend once again.  Indeed my companion’s features had wondrously changed as light was cast upon it. It no longer seemed a specter of fear but began developing a more jovial countenance as we proceeded on our journey.

  Traversing many miles, a small cottage appeared - strangely familiar, fronted by a narrow lane leading to a valley.  My path however, though passing close by, continued behind it to a wide and barren plain.  The day’s end was nearing as I passed this humble abode. A single candle sat upon a table visible through a window that faced my path.  A young girl sat on a low stool there, crying softly.  

  Wondering aloud I asked, to no one in particular, why this tender child was so forlorn.  The voice that beckoned me to my travels returned, no more visible in the dying day than the black endless night I long inhabited.  “The village in that fair valley below will feast tonight and treats will abound for eager youth, for it is Halloween; yet she alone has no jack-o-lantern to guide her way.”

       Consider how before me lay
       A chance to meet a need
       Part with that which comforts me
       Or clutch the thing by greed

   Pondering this, my course seemed clear.  Placing my erstwhile guide upon the sill of the open window I quietly slipped past.  I heard a delighted squeal as I trod my path toward the deepening dusk. Onward I pressed to my unknown end.  The passing pleasure of meeting the young girl's need was growing faint.  Darkness loomed before my feet and fear began to clutch at me like a living thing, thirsting afresh for my souls bondage.  Yet strange warmth accompanied me within, and glowing faintly a vision of the path remained, though all else had faded from view.  

    Not wavering from the revealed path I crept along it as silent as the grave.  In time the path grew ever more dim and the air became oppressive and still.  I spied then a figure wandering aimless, as one blind.  It is then I understood.

    I spoke. “Set your face and walk…”
sand left, sea right
children all around;
summer swirl
Was reminded of an important personal truth to be thankful for in "Hagar the Horrible" cartoon today.
Hagar standing on a barren atoll in a storm, his ship sinking, calls out to God. "Is this what I deserve?"
God answers "No, I've gone easy on you!"


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Ronald Kirkland
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
My writing speaks of my "Inner Child" that part of me (us) that responds to our world without filter or mask. We learn to cover these raw emotions to defend that fragile entity. I'm learning that any hazard associated with exposing that true self is worth measured risk.

Current Residence: Harvest, Alabama
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Men's Large
Favourite genre of music: Non-Commercial
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Calvin & Hobbes
Personal Quote: My art is a delicate dance between creativity and comprehension.

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Thank you literature volunteers; GrimFace242, neurotype, IrrevocableFate and ShadowedAcolyte for serving our literature community. These folk deserve all of the support we can give them. And a special thanks to DorianHarper,Beccalicious, and the many who preceeded them in much appreciated terms of service. :heart:


Purpose to be AFFIRMING to each one you meet! :hug:

You can make a difference in how others view their day - and perhaps their entire lives.


Published at 'DailyHaiga'

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DAILY DEVIATIONS :iconhonoredddplz::iconhonoredddplz2:

:bulletred: Daily Deviation ~ October 11, 2013 :bulletred:

Old Man - MusingThere was a time
       ...a man in prime
His rest now drawing near
Life is sweet - still
It moves the day apace
     Springtime breezes scatter song
          Summer's sun refrains
Joy still comes - in simpler vein
     ...what once was long pursued
Flutters lazy by - no mind
He's glad of fin and feather
Finds glee in croak and crow
In things that grace the skies above
Or amble by below
There may be time,
For sitting back a spell
     (Time will only tell)
And while
Autumn's fine attire is fitting
For age's hoary crown
   - He hopes to use it well
Working rockers at his ease
Stalling winter's grim disease
Featured by DorianHarper

:bulletred: Daily Deviation ~ October 29th, 2012 :bulletred:

MeanderingHardly a mountain, though on lowering days its head sits wreathed
By the mists of a passing front, aged and befogged as bygone elders
Doddering about – before there were names for the malaise
That hazed their thinking
And from this modest crown there slouched and sloped
A long shoulder, meandering down to meadows below
Pausing now and again to coddle a pleasant hollow
Casting a sloping pitch – enough to rush a torrent
After a sudden shower
Seldom pooling
Its glint and glimmer burble among the stones
To join a rill and plash and swirl and putter about a root
It's there I'm apt to wander
Not much of a path, hard passed and thorny
As twisted and narrow as the thoughts of bigoted men
Treading there finds stern resistance and stones to turn the foot
The clatter and crunch of brittle leaf – acorns pop and skitter
A plenteous crop, beyond the appetite of wild things at forage
Leathery husks abound, pignut hickory – the ebon stains of walnut
On taking pause the quiet lay, a
The suggester writes: "This piece puts you in the place, puts the sounds in your ears and the scent in your nose, and it causes you to imagine things without explicitly saying them to you - to fill in the gaps." Suggested by chadwood and Featured by Beccalicious

:bulletred: Daily Deviation ~ March 1st, 2012 :bulletred:

For Those Who Lived Suggested by LiliWrites and Featured by wreckling
Removed for Publication

:bulletred: Daily Deviation ~ October 21st, 2010 :bulletred:

A Coward's HeartWere confidence placed in boundless joy
and night airs sweetly scented…
dancing to a rhythm band
reveling  in senses,
then gentle,
hopeful heart's desire
would ease my
For sparrow I had kenned her,
dreaming tender love;
yet she a raptor
     - nothing taming;
bearing talons,
matched in kind.
A coward's heart I grimly bear -
from peace estranged;
this blighted soul
sore lacking.
For giddy love
     - within my grasp,
it's sensual clamor bending;
now felled by fear,
then ravaged there,
and cast adrift
at last.
Says the suggester "The undulating waves of assonance and half rhyme I'd say are worth it alone, and I love the stopstart, heartbeat rhythm." (Suggested by Penessence and Featured by Memnalar)

:bulletred: Daily Deviation ~ April 4th, 2010 :bulletred:

Hero of GondorFrom no mean blood of Númenor, so few remain; his kind
Boromir, the mighty heir, of Gondor's Steward Line
Amidst the flow of Anduin, his brother standing near
Osgiliath - they broke the bridge and faced the nameless fear
    The Pride of those who now remain – so few
    Which Morgul hordes so long pursued
Then there came repeated dreams, to trouble minds of men
As eastern skies grew ever dark, a western light drew them
Imladris seek, and there you'll find, a bane and broken sword
Doom has beckoned wisdom there, to draw the Halfling forward
These tidings brought to Denethor, nothing dared they hide
Against all hope, through countless leagues, he bade his son to ride
Though in the battles with their foe, his mighty arm they'd miss
Fate had drawn him from his liege, to span dark wilderness
   The council formed - each heart then weighed
       Before them all, the Ring was laid
   They knew in time, all hope would fa
"A fitting tribute for one of Tolkien's most memorable characters." - Featured by fllnthblnk

DLD's I was featured on DLD by caybeach

:bulletyellow: Embrocation -poetry- Featured by DrippingWords

:bulletyellow: Of Fabric Woven -Prose- Featured by xlntwtch

:bulletyellow: Are There No Words -Poem- featured by thetaoofchaos

:bulletyellow: Afghan Rue -Poem- suggested by saiun featured by norui

:bulletyellow: Spring Cheer -Poem- featured by passingavery

Also receiving a DLD but removed due to publication

:bulletgreen: Damp-Knees -Haiga- Featured by TwilightPoetess

:bulletgreen: For Those Who Lived -Poem- suggested by LiliWrites featured by LadyofGaerdon

:bulletgreen: Yellow Jackets -Prose- featured by SirBret

:bulletgreen: Night Haibun -Poem- featured by Mahi-Fish

:bulletgreen: Bearing Pain -Poem- featured by kersee9

:bulletblue::bulletblue:I am Honored - Thanks to all involved.:bulletblue::bulletblue:




:bulletblue: :bulletblue: Critique Welcomed :bulletblue: :bulletblue: :blowkiss:


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SingletreeART Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thank you for :+fav:ing, Ron. :heart: 
Vattani Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I love your work and think its ALL amazing. Please check out my work and see what you think!
rlkirkland Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Well, you seem to be blessed with a wonderful imagination... "Bitten By a Badger" is hard to get into as there a too many plot holes: Where did the DNA come from. Common radiation dangers do not include fires, your 'classes 6 or 7 have no frame of reference, etc..  This scene begs loudly to be placed in a much larger context where the reader can sort out who is who and exactly what is going on.

Formatting is a somewhat of a problem with the others I read -- try imagining what these would look like in a print media.
Unless it can be read comfortably while still telling your story it will be hard to find a broad audience for them.

Now, don't be discouraged! I've found that one honest perception to learn from is worth a thousand ego bites.
Be well! 
Vattani Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I sent you BBB?
rlkirkland Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
No, I visited your page and browsed around.
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